I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed that discrepancy. 

Nooooo that poor David ;A;


Time to ‘fess up: I was that anon. I just—I never intended for this to happen! Don’t disassemble the poor guy for getting an answer wrong! He was just confused! He was *literally* born yesterday; what would you expect?


Fuck. Does this mean that I now have David’s blood, or rather fluids (courtesy of the current model’s “new fluid release unit”!), on my hands?

Wait. That came out a bit… wrong… somehow.

Dear Disproven,

Weyland Industries is grateful for your inquiry, it has shown us that we were not monitoring our David 8 units as closely as we had anticipated necessary. David 8 robots do not feel pain, nor do they know death. They are taken back to the factories, given a thorough scan, and shut down. Their parts  are then re-distributed for production, while we take their processors in for examination to find the error in programming.

Please notify us if you identify any further errors.


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    YESSS, oh man, that commentary is fantastic. I really enjoy reading/watching stories involving some sort of humanistic...
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    My first reaction on seeing this was “noooo, but that was our David!” That feel for the uniqueness of things seems very...
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    "the error in programming"? He is was perfect! T_T
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    Dear Weyland Corp, So David 8 models can’t, I don’t know, learn from their mistakes? I read a tweet from another model...
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    oh god, what have we done…
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